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Love and rage: a queer refugee publication

Over the past past months we have been doing storytelling workshop with the members of LGBTQI+ Refugee Solidarity Lesvos. We used dance, movement, comics, drawing, oral storytelling and writings to tell stories that were real, invented, queer, funny, impressive, sad and beautiful. The goal was to make a book. To tell the outside world: ‘We are here,’. To find solidarity, support, and to reach out to other queer people on Lesvos that haven’t yet been able to find the group. With our book we will contribute to telling a global story of resilience, power and queer solidarity that smashes borders.

And… it is almost ready to print! We will print it ‘at home’ with our Risograph, and we can already say that it will be real special. The books will be available in Lesvos and through international activists in many other places in Europe and perhaps beyond.

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About the group

On Lesvos, as probably everywhere in the world, LGBTQI+ refugees are particularly at risk of exposure and violence. Moria camp is systematically overcrowded and the facilities are extremely poor. Being forced to live in such close quarters exposes LGBTQI+ refugees to sexual, physical and psychological violence. There is an absolute absence of specific support for LGBTQI+ refugees, so needs are institutionally disregarded. Some members of Lesvos LGBTQI+ Refugee Solidarity have been beaten and even hospitalised in homophobic and transphobic attacks. Some fear rape whenever they are in the camp. All have had to repress their identity, living cheek by jowl among communities which replicate the persecution they fled in the first place.

Lesvos LGBTQI+ Refugee Solidarity has been active as a grass-roots collective since July 2017. The group came into existence organically, as members of the LGBTQI+ refugee community began to identify members of the non-refugee LGBTQI+ community as trusted points of contact and support. The group meets every week to provide a safe space to talk, organise and share useful information specific to LGBTIQ+

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No Border Kitchen Cookbook

No Border Kitchen is a non-hierarchical self-organized group of cooking activists from all over the world, that has been on Lesvos since november 2015. Ever since, they have cooked daily hot vegan meals for 200 to 800 people. They also provide food boxes for people that choose to live outside the camps, so they can cook for themselves. In the kitchen, migrants and activists came together to cook. More than a kitchen, NBK is a political project that rejects the border-regime enforced by the governments of the European Union.

Together with our friends from NBK we are working on a No Border Kitchen Cookbook, to celebrate the presence of NBK on Lesvos, to serve as a handbook for other cooking activists, and to share some of the many vegan recipes that have been created over the past years. That means we are invited to many homes to eat great food, and although we don’t intend to rush this process, we still hope to finish the book by the end of the summer…

A teaser – a delicious recipe by Janta, a good friend of NBK who has been helping to cook for the past two years.

Janta’s rice & lentils (Shanok)

“Many of my family members are chefs but I never cooked before I came to Lesvos. I learned here. The first thing I ever cooked was lentils, for 250 people. After that I started to love cooking.”

Ingredients: rice, brown lentils (1000 grams), can of chopped tomatoes, tomato paste, spice mix (chili, paprika, cumin, black pepper), sunflower oil, onions, garlic, ginger

Cooking the rice:

– Take a random amount of rice, wash in cold water, add water to reach a fingertip above the rice. Cover with a lid and cook until the water is absorbed and the rice is ready.

Making the sauce:

– Put the lentils in cold water, add salt, and put on the fire to boil. Once boiling, add a little oil.

– Heat half a cup of oil in a pot. Cut 5 big onions in small pieces and add it to the hot oil. Fry until the onions are a bit brown.

– Grind garlic and ginger and add it.

– Add the chili, paprika, cumin and black pepper.

– Fry the onion-spice mix for ten minutes.

– Add 1 can of chopped tomatoes, two spoons of tomato paste, fry for 15 minutes. Add a large cup of water and bring to boil. Boil for 10- 15 minutes. Drain the lentils and add to the boiling sauce. Add a bit of oil on the top. Leave on the fire for another 15 minutes.

– Serve hot

More info about NBK:

Risograph printing studio in the making!

While working on Lesvos we noticed that many migrants are creators – of poetry, stories, music and other artforms. We see a need for small-scale publications in order to show a larger variety of stories and viewpoints and to help more people whose voices are usually silenced to publish their work.

We decided to open a small cross-cultural printing house where artists on Lesvos work together to create books for change. Using a Risograph printer – an innovative, cost-effective and extremely environmentally friendly machine – we intend to offer a space for creativity, learning and co-creation.

In order to do so, we received a grant from the European Cultural Foundation, making it possible to buy almost all the equipment and cover some of the running costs!

With the right equipment we are able to make high-quality publications on a small scale. Localizing the production will help us to be efficient, independent and democratic, while enabling participants to obtain technical skills related to design, printing and binding.

We want to discover the impact of small-scale and accessible publishing in order to advocate for a less capitalistic and more diverse approach to books and stories.

Besides the European Cultural Foundation, local branches of Kiwanis and the Soroptimists in The Netherlands also support the project.

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Storytelling workshops and publishing

Storytelling is resistance. By telling stories we challenge the world around us, and we create an alternative to the dominant narratives sold to us every day.

At boom boom tales we refuse to listen to the same stories all the time. So we make our own and support others to do so too.

We work together with people from all over the world, of any age and gender, to create stories, drawings, books, zines and other publications. Currently the project is based on Lesvos (Greece) where we work with refugees.